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Waveforge Music
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Waveforge Music operates its own independent record labels specialized in various styles of contemporary electronic music. Waveforge Music continuously strive to discover new artists to expand the catalog of recordings and songs.

Waveforge Music and it's labels are committed to artistry and innovation as well as creating new experiences for fans and continuously work to broadening opportunities for our artists.


Waveforge is Waveforge Music's first own record label established in 1998. This label has actualy been around for a while, starting with pop and developed to a label for various styles of contemporary electronic music. It's funny to look through how diverse this label truly is. Check out Waveforge Artists Set Playlist!


The new record label Waveforge Dance established in 2019 is mainly focused on EDM. Waveforge Dance doesn't have the biggest assortment of releases, but just look and you know that it doesn't matter. ~ waveforge.dance 

Check out Waveforge Dance Artists Playlist!