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Thanks for your interest in using Waveforge Music's audio files.

You can easy license music that suites your needs here at waveforge.com. We offer licensing for any application. Licensing for commercial use like movies, TV shows, advertisements, YouTube and more is available at our Music Licensing Library. If you're a content creator like producers or artists and searching for the right beat, please check out our Beats Store for Beats Licensing.

How it works.

Simpy select one of our licensing stores. Please note, there are different tracks for licensing in both stores. Beats Licensing is simple beacuese there are only a view license type like "non-exclusive" and "exclusive" depending of the track you choose. For a license that suites exactly your project, please choose the Music Licensing. There are many different licence types to choose from.

We're happy to help you with any question to ensure that your project receives the unique attention it deserves. Feel free to contact us.

If you're an end user and music lover you can buy songs at our retail store right here on music.waveforge.com or on many different stores on the web. Check out our catalog for further information.