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Waveforge Podcast - Waveforge's Radio Show. An unbound exploration of the latest various styles of contemporary electronic music published on irregular basis. Join the people across the globe who are ready to be a part of the Waveforge Family. Subscribe to the #WaveforgePodcast on your favourite music service.

WAVEFORGE™ PODCAST - Waveforge's Radio Show

Waveforge Podcast is available on all major platforms like Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube and many more. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a show because we publish new podcast on irregular basis.

Join Waveforge's Radio Show

As a producer you can share your track with the community. As a podcast listener you can share your voice with the community. We occasionally air submitted unsigned tracks and voice clips on our show and you could be one of them. Submitt a sound recording and make sure you subscribed to our podcast.