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Welcome! We are Waveforge Music!
Waveforge Music is engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandisinglicensing and artists & fans relationships.

We are specialized in various styles of contemporary electronic music and continuously strive to discover new artists to expand our catalog of recordings and songs. Waveforge Music is committed to artistry and innovation as well as creating new experiences for fans and continuously work to broadening opportunities for our artists. We expect all Artists to uphold our ethical and legal standards, be accountable for their actions, and maintain the integrity and reputation of Waveforge Music and its labels. This will lead to great relationships and positive experiences for our community, fans and artists.

Waveforge Music operates its own independent record labels Waveforge™ and Waveforge Dance.

Have you - as an artist - imagined to be confronted with so many administrative tasks on your way to become a famous artist? Your time is more precious than do the business stuff. An artist should focus on doing what you love: MUSIC! Waveforge Music Artists Services does the business stuff for you! Simply join one of our labels. Have a demo to submit? We take the time to listen to every demo submitted. Please only submit your best, original and unsigned work and use this link for any demo submission to drop your track. 



Waveforge is Waveforge Music's first own record label established in 1998. This label has actualy been around for a while, starting with pop and developed to a label for various styles of contemporary electronic music. It's funny to look through how diverse this label truly is. Check out Waveforge Artists Set Playlist!

Waveforge Dance


The new record label Waveforge Dance established in 2019 is mainly focused on EDM. Waveforge Dance doesn't have the biggest assortment of releases, but just look and you know that it doesn't matter

Check out Waveforge Dance Artists Playlist!

We offer licensing for any application. You can easy license music that suites your project here at waveforge.com. Licensing for commercial use like movies, TV shows, advertisements, YouTube and more is available. If you're a content creator, producer or artists and searching for the right beat, you're also welcome. Please check out our Beats Store. Not found what you're looking for? We're happy to help you with any question to ensure that your project receives the unique attention it deserves. Feel free to contact us.

Join The Waveforge Team

Waveforge Music is committed to artistry and innovation as well as creating new experiences for fans and continuously work to broadening opportunities for our artists. At Waveforge Music we help artists & bands succeed with their careers and helping them make a living by selling their music and growing their fan base. But that's not all, our goal is also to create a great place to work and we strive for create added value for all involved parties. - And we also love new ideas, innovation, collaboration and of course sick beats!
We're not the typical music industry startup. Since we launched we always run everything without the pressures of VC funding. That means we're completely independent with a light-weight "startup" atmosphere.


Open Positions

Work from anywhere. Waveforge Music is a "virtual office". Everyone works from where they love to be. We don't let physical distance keep us apart. Modern technologies & tools allows us to always be in close contact. If required, a personal face-to-face meeting is also possible from time to time. Almost everything is possible - e.g. there are several freelancer who appreciate the project based work with  flexible working hours.

Sorry, we don't have any open positions right now. Thanks for checking out our job openings. 

​Press / Release Schedule

What's next? Find upcoming and latest releases of our labels on Waveforge Next. Add comments or questions to the releases or simply just give them a like. For further information please use the press contact below. We're happy to hear from you!

Press / Branding Guide

Brand consistency is very important to us. Here you will find all of our official branding information. Please do not alter the logo or font. Waveforge or Waveforge Music, when written in plain text should always be spelled as 'Waveforge' or 'Waveforge Music'. Waveforge and Waveforge Dance are record labels of Waveforge Music. 'Waveforge' is a registred trademark.


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Please note that the contact below is for press and media inquiries only. We will not be able to respond to non-media-related e-mails on this address. For all other inquires please use the general contact form below. Thank you!

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If you have any question or just want to contact for any reason, please use the contact form below to get in touch with us. We are happy about any of your feedback! Press and licensing requests are welcome.