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Talking by Ayaka Izumi
80s synthwave influenced synthpop tune.
16.07.24 08:22 AM - Comment(s)
The Execution by CALXXIII
Blending hard-hitting beats with raw, unfiltered lyrics, this hip-hop/trap anthem is set to dominate the underground.
06.07.24 09:48 AM - Comment(s)
Searching For Love by Waveforge Music All Stars
Great new release by Waveforge Music All Stars aka WMAS
01.06.24 01:57 PM - Comment(s)
Freedom by CALXXIII x Waveforge Music All Stars
A collaboration of CALXXIII and Waveforge Music All Stars
04.05.24 09:51 AM - Comment(s)
Come Along by CALXXIII
Bask in the radiant energy of "Come Along", the latest single from rising hip-hop producer CALXXIII.
01.05.24 11:39 AM - Comment(s)